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Springtime - Makrofoton av blommor och insekter

Springtime - A Journey Into Macro Space from Gunther Machu on Vimeo.

Missa inte den här enastående vackert fotograferade blom- och insektsfilmen - Springtime - A Journey Into Macro Space av Gunther Machu!

I started initially to just reverse mount my 50mm f1.4 lens (taping it to the adapter on my Lumix GH1), but then for quality reasons I bought a used 50mm f3.5 FD macro lens with a 25mm extender.

Almost everything was filmed in my garden, apart from the first sequence which was on a small hill very close to my house - I realized that the flowers there became extremely rare and are under severe protection! Just in the middle of Vienna ...

Music by Thomas Newman

Tipstack till Bengt på photoandpicture. Fler videos av G. Machu

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