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En överraskningens konstnär - Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí har en berättarstil som är välkänd bl a med klockor som viker sig över kanter, men han har så många andra uttrycksätt också. Den här kollektionen är amerikansk och har vunnit priser.

Den Dalíintresserade webbesökaren kan också hitta mer hos Dalí-Foundation.

"Old Age, Adolescence, Infancy (The Three Ages)" was completed in 1940, near the time when Dali and Gala fled from France in anticipation of the coming Nazi invasion. It was during this time that Dali was being primed by Gala to move away from his surrealistic roots and towards more common and traditional themes. Although this painting is officially considered a Surreal work, it is an excellent example of the transformation that the artist was undergoing at the time.


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